Critic Needed <3


Hello Everyone! I’m Looking For Someone To Help Me By Giving Me Feedback. This Person Would Pretty Much Critique My Story As I Write It. I’d Prefer Someone Who’s Good With Catching Grammar/Spelling Errors, Directing Errors, And Errors With Pairing Animations With Dialogue. When I Say “Pairing Animations With Dialogue” I Mean I Want Feedback On Whether Or Not That Animation Works Well With The Given Situation/Scene. Thanks To Anyone Who Took The Time To Read This Topic Or Takes The Time To Reply/Help :grinning::heart:.


I can do it. I’m pretty good at all of those things. <3 pm me :kiss:


Hey if you still need a critic I can help you out too. :purple_heart::grin:


I’d love to help you! I’ll even give suggestions to add to your story if need ed!