Name: The Pregnancy Curse
Author: Dr.Smile
Genre: Comedy
**Description:**Being the bad boy always seems like fun and games, but for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Too bad Tristan Stuart realized this way too late. [Male MC]

We’ve already done a read for read, but that was with my other story. I’ll keep reading the rest of yours and send you a screenshot.


Sure! I’ll get started on you review!


Positive Aspects

  • I loved the intro! I was cool how you incorporated splashes in it.

  • Tristan’s family was hilarious! I actually relate to that :joy:

  • I just have to say that you have an amazing sense of humor! Your story made me laugh a lot.

  • Your zooms were very well done. You used a lot of advance zooms too.


  • Sometimes in your story the dialogue is too long for the animation so, when the reader is still reading the character’s mouth is no longer moving. I recommend doing this:
    MICHAEL (talk_sad_clutch)
    That girl hit us right where it hurts.
    MICHAEL (talk_sad)
    And I didn’t even say a word to Melissa.
    By splitting up the longer dialogues into two, the animations will end when the reader stops reading. Of course it depends on the reader.

Overall, I thought your story was really unique and different. I liked how it was in the male’s perspective as well as the female. I love how you incorporated choices and bonus scenes in your story! I think it was very funny and it made me laugh multiple times! Good luck for future episodes!


Name: Lawa Bay
Author: KC
Genre: Mystery
Description: With a serial killer on the loose, the small northern town of Lawa Bay is forced to find and apprehend the murderer before another death occurs.

Here is the proof that I did indeed read your story.


Great! I’ll get started on your review!


Positive Aspects:

  • Good work on moving the car overlay! Overlay’s are big hassles, but you used it perfectly.

  • I loved Joey’s personality in comparison to her sister’s.

  • The beginning of the story really hooked me to read the rest.

  • Your spelling and grammar was perfect!


  • The first cheer leading background you used is a bit blurry. Try finding another one that is more clear.

  • When Desirae is talking at one point her mouth is no longer moving. You can split up the dialogue into two different animations. This will make the animations more realistic.

  • Try adding sound and music to build suspense in your story! Reader love it when there’s music.

  • Add more choices in the first episode. Remember that choices are very important for good first impressions. Readers enjoy impacting the story line and plot.

Overall, I thought you story was interesting and I liked it. The part with the blood and the car really freaked me out. Your story length was perfect and your intro was very cool. Good luck on future episodes!


Thank you for your advice and your encouraging words. You always make me feel more confident about my stories. and your story has been getting really complex since that poor woman cursed Amaria, I loved it. I’ll work on splitting the dialogue in the future.




Hey, @IDONTKNOWREAL! Thank you creating this thread! I’d love some feedback on my story. Here are my story details:

Title: Fantastical: Silhouettes
Author: aprilish
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Style: Ink
Number of Chapters: 7 (ongoing)
Blurb: Arion’s ready to risk it all to make her dreams come true. Leslie sees him every day, yet fails to recognize who he is. Watch them fall in love…without ever meeting each other.

My Instagram: @aprilish.episode

Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing your feedback! :two_hearts:


Would you be willing to read a classic story?


I would love to review your story! I’ll get to it ASAP!


Sure! Just make sure to send me a screenshot of reading the first episode of my story!


Okay, I will do that know, are we reviewing it or just giving it a read?


Name: Emma
Author: episode.emma
Genre: Drama/ Romance. There is some mystery too
Description: She discovers her family is keeping a dangerous secret from her. Trying to learn the truth seems impossible, especially when love always gets in the way.
Do you mind if I pm you the link?

Small Cover

Large Cover


A read will be fine! Yes you can PM me the link! Ill review yours after I finish @aprilish


Positive Aspects:

  • The first thing I see is your awesome cover! I could immediately tell that your story will be an emotional roller coaster.

  • Your splash is beautiful! I love it!

  • The beginning of your story was very suspenseful and immediately hooked me!

  • Your spotting and zooms are perfect!

  • Your plot is very interesting and makes me want to read the rest of your story!


  • Be careful with your wording, spelling and grammar. Proof read your dialogue carefully.

Overall, your story amazing! I don’t have much advice for you except that you should definitely continue writing. I liked your story a lot and I’d like to continue reading it :slight_smile:


Positive Aspects:

  • I loved the beginning of your story with the narration scene! Well done!

  • Your zooming was amazing! You used a lot of advance zooms and you’re spotting was spot on! (Pun intended)


  • I recommend creating a unique splash instead of the standard warning splash you used. This makes the readers excited to read your story. I can make you one if you would like. Just PM the details and I’ll make you a personalized one!

  • In the beginning of your story you have a narration scene which I think is very attention grabbing. However, I recommend you begin your story with that after you splash and that you skip the author’s note. I personally think that your first author note should be at the end of you episode since, it may bore some readers if it is in the beginning. Also, your narration scene is so good that it would be better to begin with it.

  • Make sure to capitalize the first letter of every sentence!

Overall, I thought that your story plot was very interesting and different! I liked the spy theme (I’m a huge spy kids fan :wink: ) Your story length was just right! Good luck on future episodes!


Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure to put the authors note in the beginning or end, but I figured I should do it in the beginning since I am also giving a warning and then for the rest of the story, I would put it at the end. Do you think having it at the beginning is a turnoff? I just wanted to have it there since its a warning. Also, I will take your advice on the splash warning! I actually made one that I haven’t used yet, so I think I can just use that one but thank you very much for the honest review. I think you’re a talented author and I really enjoyed your story. Do you think aside from capitalization, that the grammar was alright?


Yes your grammar was very good! Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my story!


Ahh, thank you so much for this wonderful review! I’ll definitely take your advice and give my dialogue a proof read. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you once again, and have a wonderful day! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: