Criticism is good as long as it does not include the use of offensive words

What do you think?


To be honest: I love constructive criticism. Giving it or receiving it, it helps you improve. There’s always ways to get better, and nothing can be perfect, so I think it’s great. Useless criticism, like “this is stupid.” is unhelpful, unless you give a reason why it’s stupid. Personally, I love giving and receiving helpful feedback.

There’s always going to be someone in the world who’s disappointed. You can’t please everyone. :wink:

Don’t be a hater, be a…I can’t think of anything that rhymes right now :joy:


Skater :skateboard::ice_skate:

Anyways, yup. I agree with my forum son in law.


Not those words
Words like bitch etc

No, I Don’t see the point of using that in a review.

Yrs reviews have to be honest and if you don’t like criticism then Don’t asks for one. But not with those words.


I like criticism but not those words

Me too, as I said, I Don’t see the point of using words like a bitch, etc. Why is that necessary


There’s constructive criticism and there’s criticism. If someone calls your story ‘bad’ then that doesn’t really help you. But if someone says your story was ‘bad because of this…’ then that enables you to work on the parts that aren’t the greatest. I don’t see why people would use offensive words to criticise someone’s story, there’s no need for that.


This might be an unpopular opinion but I find hate comments hilarious :joy: I try to learn from every type of criticism. When someone uses offensive words or is just rude, it’s quite funny to me instead of offending. Example:
Troll: ew this story is so cliche
Me: Just like your username :nauseated_face: CrazyShannilope @ShanniiWrites LOL

Some people use offending words but there’s something to learn from every type of criticism. If you have the sense to differentiate between criticism and trolling. Hating isn’t trolling btw.


cough certain people cough


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