Critique your art! (and get help from other artists!)

hey guys! so down below i’d like you to comment the follow things


  1. Something ONE THING that you struggle with in your art?
  2. Why do you struggle with that? What do you not like about it?
  3. And how are you going to get rid of that struggle and improve/grow as an artist?


  1. What’s ONE THING that your good at in your art?
  2. Why do you like this thing?
  3. How did you learn to do this thing (maybe someone else is struggling with this)

SO in all, this is a thread to critique your art and make room for improvement, and to help other artists out!

for example -

kid 1 - i struggle with drawing noses because i always draw them to wide :((
kid 2 - my greatest strength in my art is drawing noses because they look nice and natural :))

then kid 2 would search in the comments and see if anyone struggles with the thing that there good at! and then kid 2 can reach out to kid 1 and help them. it could also be the same situation where a person is looking for someone to help them with the thing that they struggle with.

hopefully this thread stays up and doesn’t get taken down bc i really wanna help artists and see them grow :pleading_face:


Ooh this is a really good idea, bump!

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My main strength is skin tones since I’m good at doing the shading of all the colours needed (:

My main weakness is hair, I’ve been trying to draw realistic hair for a while and just can’t seem to do it (:


My strength is shading. I use a lot of colors and take my time adding multiple layers for a mix of tones.

My weakness is eyes. They either look too plain to me or flat.


Weakness: other body parts than the face. I cannot make them look right and they cost me a disproportionally long time compared to the rest of the drawing

Strength: strangely it’s hair now. As that used to be my #1 enemy. The right brushes and not being too strict about placement helped me the most!


Do you make your own or did you get a set from someone?

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean :see_no_evil:

I generally use references for posing, but I draw everything myself.

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Sorry do you make your own brushes is what I meant :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Oh! I bought a set from an artist for like 4$ and I use the sketch brush for the hair. But there are actually a lot of procreate brushes that are alike. I also edit a lot of procreate brushes and use those.



ouu i have an example of where i think i drew hair somewhat good, and i also have a instagram account that might be able to help you! (they posted a tutorial on how to draw hair)

if ur interested, feel free to PM a girl!!

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weakness: clothes :pensive: i never know where to draw folds or how to shade it
strength: facial features! i feel like i improved at drawing my character’s faces and they (mostly always) turn out pretty good :star_struck: still learning how to draw guys’ faces though

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same same same same SAMEEEEE!!!

another strength of mine is also hair :kissing:

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