Crop background?


Can someone please adjust the background to the right size? I don’t know how to do that:(

Can the background please be one zones and the table-overlay also one zone?
So the backgrounds should be 640x1136

(With which app could I do this on my own?)

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I can do it. But if you want them to be one zone than I’m either going to have to crop out some of the background or they will be smushed. Wich do you prefer?

If you have an iPhone then the app Phonto works wonderfully.

I think crop out is better.

Thank you so so much!

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Yep! Just give me a minute.

Here you go. :slightly_smiling_face::blush:


Ahhh, I can’t describe how thankful I am!

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You’re very welcome! :heart::slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! Sorry to disturb you, but how can I use the background now? I tried to upload i, but it said the picture’s too small.

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Hmm that’s weird, I resized it. Do you have an iPhone?