Crop out picture innnn

Can anyone crop out the white part out for me and make sure its PNG on a transparent background. I’m on a tablet and I just need a quick one.

PLEASE dont make it look choppy,

I can give it a shot for you! :nerd_face:

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You can try to use Mannique tool, the other ones are more free handed.


How’s this? It should be png.

The white part itself should be transparent

***Definitely not to sound bossy if I do

Start out with a transparent background and “add image as layer”
then crop it out

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Is it not transparent? :thinking:

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Hmm, it’s not.

Sorry, it is strangely it didn’t appear when I tested out on portal. Thank you so much!

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Okay, how about this?

If you see this, STOOOOPPOPPOP


Ah, okay. Yw :two_hearts:

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Ok :joy:


Also, if any of you two are interested in my feature:


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is this what you are looking for?

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oh just noticed that we should stop :joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry

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Could you close this topic please?


Closed by OP request. :smiley: