Crossed Paths Playlist and More!


This is a playlist to go along with my story Crossed Paths.

So, I am planning to write a trilogy! The trilogy is called “Call it Love” - one story is published and the other two are merely plans but they will be published quite a bit later but planning ahead never hurts.

Here is my main story for context:

Crossed Paths

  • This story covers the chronicles of Mindy and Derek - you get to join them on a journey where Mindy grows as a person as does Derek

  • Mindy has gone through a really tough break-up which has caused her to have a lot of mistrust in men as well.

  • Derek helps Mindy become more confident and trusting as well as helping their relationship flourish.

For anybody interested, here’s the link to the story:


  • This is about Derek and Mindy’s daughter Rosa whose on the verge of inheriting her family’s fortune and has big plans with the company she is about to inherit

  • However, something massive is in her way - she needs to fulfill her grandfather’s dying wish to marry at the age 28 or else the company will be handed over to her cousin Rodrick.

  • Rosa has 18 months to find a man but this proves a challenge for the ruthless, independent and smart businesswoman.

The Critic

  • Mindy’s favourite movie and is the traigic love story about an art critic and an artist

  • The artist and the Critic share a special bond but this bond breaks after the artist strikes lucky with a commision

I WILL BE POSTING SCREENSHOTS SOON to show which bits of the story suits the playlist I had made!


Thanks so much! I will be adding some songs soon and a few scenes too :heart:

Firstly, I will be providing songs which are for Mindy and her ex.

Ex’s Playlist

For all these songs, look at the lyrics as they can give you clues about how the characters feel and even hints about the future

Mild Orange - Mysight

This song symbolises how Mindy’s ex feels about Mindy - he will be making an appearance and even play an even more significant role in the story.

Michael Seyer - Lucky Love

This song relates to the early stages of Mindy’s ex and her relationship.

Mindy’s tuneee (Feng Suave - Sink into the Floor

This is Mindy’s favourite song as seen in the story but interestingly enough, this song symbolises the behaviour of the ex now or what Mindy believes how the ex is acting now.

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The Derek Playlist

These songs may cover how Derek feels about Mindy as well as some characters who are yet to be revealed in the story and songs that suit his kinda vibe, There are potential spoilers here so be careful if you are not a fan of spoilers but don’t worry, I blurred these out for you all.

Jon Kuwada - Cherry Cola

This is the way Derek feels about Mindy. From the second he set his sights on Mindy, he’s been intrigued about Mindy. He feels like she is the best thing on Earth - he is too embarassed to admit it but this is how he feels inside.

peachy! - falling for you

This is about the crush Derek has on Mindy. It is a crush at first but he knows Mindy has walls.

Kanye West - Flashing Lights

[SPOILER] This song is about his ex-girlfriend. She is your typical femme fatale, but with more venom.

Minerek’s Playlist

These songs explore Derek and Mindy’s interactions as well as their feelings for one another.

These songs revolve around Mindy and Derek hence, the ship name Minerek :joy:

Yung Heazy - Girl, I’ll Take U Anywhere

Mark Whalen - The Things You Do To Me

Lion Sphere - State of Mind

Tristany’s Playlist

This is spoiler central but these songs are about Tristan and Mindy. Tristan is a potential love interest and if you make the right choice you will encounter him first in Episode Seven.

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

This is one of my personal favourites but this explores the potential chemistry that Tristan and Mindy will share.

Flight Facilities - Crave You feat. Giselle

Despite the lyrics being written from a female perspective, consider it as if this is from Tristan’s eyes not Mindy’s. Tristan is infatuated with Mindy but potentially Mindy does does not feel as intensely…

Mild Orange - Some Feeling

Another personal favourite of mine but this also looks at the way Tristan feels about Mindy.

Playlist for Dynasty

The Kills - Future Starts Slow

This song has a certain edge to it - the twangs of the riffs signify the edge that Rosa has and this song’s seductive vocals perfectly symbolise the sex appeal that Rosa has.

SBTRKT (feat. Denai) - The Light

This song screams Rosa Perez-Johnson, more of the tune and less to do with lyrics. The overall sophistication of this song and sass this song exudes shows off Rosa well.

Songs for The Critic

This song signifies the relationship The Critic shares with Morgana. They are both very comfortable with each other and feel like each other’s homes.

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home

This explores the beautiful fragility of the relationship The Critic and the artist share. Morgana and The Critic have a wonderful bond but in the end, it must get severed,.

It’s ready :blush:

Scenes for Minerek Playlist

For the Ex-Playlist:


For those of you who have read Episode Five, this is the song the Episode is named after!

Most of these songs are indie, kinda chill songs which is the sort of vibe I want for my story!

Here are so many songs I don’t know! I HAVE to listen to them as soon as possible.

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Thanks, and hope you enjoy them :heart:

Here I will be tagging people who have read my story, so if you read my story too - then just say so! :heart:

This is a playlist for the readers!



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