Crossed Paths Playlist and More!


The other site was a bit tedious lol so I have changed my tune.


Some songs on the spotify are personal favourites and others resonate strongly with the storyline. Listening to certain songs and reading their lyrics can give you an insight on what the story may hold later on!


An example of the songs you can expect on the playlist!!


I love it :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much love :heartbeat:


np btw when is a new episode coming out, I’m so excited :blush:


Aww thank you and hopefully next week or the week after. University is really busy and I had to make some adjustments to the story haha :joy::heartbeat:


Ooh ok, Btw it’s completely fine I understand you :rofl:


I Don’t Know You

This song has really inspired me!

So, I am highly considering having an episode dedicated to the ex. So, you’ll see his face and know all about why he abandoned her.

It will also look at his new lifestyle as well - so, I will make a poll on Instagram as well as on my promotional thread (the FOLLOW MY JOURNEY) thread to see what readers think!


Dang this song gets to me and will be very suitable for the later episodes.

Yes, my story is filled with jokes but I am planning to break some hearts and I am feeling pretty broken over what I have planned lol.

Okay, so prepare for the next episode as you’re going to get to know Derek quite deeply or should I say you will know his past.


Bloody hell, I am obsessed with Steve Lacy but this song is perfect for Derek and Mindy.

Episode 10 is taking a while, I have so many assignments to do and I have some upcoming exams which is a douche move but hey the cruel irony is money is being sucked out of my bank account so I can get more money in.

Later, I will be adding more songs for Tristan and Mindy - as yes, Minerek and Tristany are a thing.


Tristany Explained

Who tf is Tristany? Lemme explain.

Anybody who has unlocked the bonus encounter in Episode 7 or anybody who has read Episode 9 will know who Tristan is. He is the definition of hot. I crafted him to be considered very physically attractive and he is appealing to Mindy.

Tristan is a love interest of some kind. Yes, you will get to spend a lot of time with him and get to know about him. Well, let’s put it this way - Derek may not be too impressed with it all.


Steve Lacy (again)

This song screams Tristan. He is a dark, brooding character. He is ready to his sink his teeth into Mindy and he has a lot of secrets. He has scars too and he’s willing to bear them all to Mindy


I cannot have enough of him - I am known to either ignore/dodge males but I welcome him in open arms as Steve Lacy has made music that inspired me to write and really suits the vibe I want for Crossed Paths.

Crossed Paths is something I want soft romantic touch yet the subtle sexiness of some characters like Mindy to come through. I feel like Steve Lacy’s music totally fits the vibe I strive Crossed Paths to have.

Interesting fact: Steve Lacy had made his demo with recording it on his iPhone and this is what he likes to call the “bare maximum”.


Oh and the thicc bass hits my soul hardd. I have a weakness for adept bass playing lol


Girl I gotta chill BUT I found Crossed Paths song - this is the song for Crossed Paths. It suits it very well the idea is that they do not fall for each other due to looks - there needs to be more between them and this is an ideal song to discuss the meat/flesh of the story.

Derek and Mindy are physically attracted to each other but the emotional bond between them needs to grow before they get into anything.