Crossed Paths Playlist and More!


This song and video gave me chills…

Rest in peace man,


So, these are BONUS SONGS

Before I wrote the story Crossed Paths I made my first story ever using the writers’ portal.

It’s called Monster.

So, the story was written in the perspective of Kieran Coombes. He seems like a dream guy, - got a good job, great looks, brilliant sense of humour and a great personality but what if I were to say all of that was a lie? The charismatic Kieran Coombes is not real, he is in fact a monster - he has a dangerous and evil being manifesting within himself.

This force is himself but to throw the blame to something else he blames his aggression and abusive tendencies on a fictional monster. It bubbles under his skin and the cracks start to show.


Going to see your story


Aw thanks my child :heart:


Bro, I am intoxicated by this guy. He’s amazingly talented, he recorded his demo on his iPhone and his music just is a vibe. These songs fit so well with Crossed Paths and its mood.

I am going to be editing the story, I want to give it a chill vibe! Also, gonna make Derek a bit more chill lol in the first few episodes…

Bear with me y’all, imma try make this story a standout one. I want to treat my beautiful readers and you all have been so good to me. I love you all.


Reviving the dormant thread.


Your boy just made a spotify for you all.


The other site was a bit tedious lol so I have changed my tune.


Some songs on the spotify are personal favourites and others resonate strongly with the storyline. Listening to certain songs and reading their lyrics can give you an insight on what the story may hold later on!