Crossover Guidelines

It’s ok!

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I agree, I really feel like episode is making useless rules and guidelines, I’m sure they can find a way to let authors do crossovers without all this copy right mess, they can make a forum just for authors like an agreement or something to have proof that they both agree on letting each other use their characters. A lot of stories have done crossovers and stories like TSB n TNG are very popular making them delete the crossover will not only make the story lose its plot but it’ll be difficult for authors to re write, plus crossovers make the stories interesting. Episode needs to understand!



But technically using a character from someone’s story is even with their permission, is not considered their property. Technically it is episode’s right?? Cause it’s episode’s characters just made with certain character deets. But it is still episode’s and it’s not like people go claiming these as their own anyways. This rule still kind of doesn’t make sense to me. What if a character has the same details as another from a different story and someone reports it and the story gets removed even if the author hasn’t even read that story. Like with ink and classic the details are are very limited since they aren’t being updated anymore, and people overuse specific details that make all the characters look the same.

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ok so this may have been asked already but can I ask for backround characters or be a backrounf character in someones story and be nameless, based on that it is episodes assets. and not my own?

This is absurd!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ok, I’ve used the screen template before which in the process gave me the whole BG gang. These are characters that I’ve seen in other stories. Does this mean I have to change ALL of their names and features? If there’s something I’m not understand someone please clarify for me. Also, sorry if someone else has asked the question and it’s been answered.

So…@Melani3 I know this thread is old AF, but if we have reason to believe someone else has used our characters or our author likeness in their stories without our consent, how can we prove it and how can we report it?


Hey Amber!

There’s no question too old for me! The best thing you can do is send in a ticket with the title of the story, a few screenshots of what infringement is happening, and context/background for our team’s investigation.


Great, thank you :blush:


Hmm… I remember a post on Instagram by episode " which of your two favourite story you would like to see crossover" gUiDeLiNes


That was explained multiple times…