Crossroads ep.4 up now! r4r + Promote your story

Hey there! :sunflower:
I love reading other people’s stories and that really inspired me to create one too. :orange_heart:

My story is called Crossroads .

You can look it up on the app by writing Crossroads by BlackFox or you can click on this link :

Plot : Before Cara finds herself on the crossroad between what’s right and wrong she faces many difficult choices. Her path brings her to Luke. A guy with a different story. See how the story unfolds when Cara is forced to make him fall for her, and see how much they actually have in common.
Live the simple but mysterious private high school life. Will Cara be able to save her legacy or is her father in danger? Choices Matter! CC!
Genre : It’s a mystery/romance.
Author: BlackFox

Please do tell me what you think, i’d love some feedback. It’s my first story, and I spend a lot of time on it to perfect it. EPISODE 4 OUT NOW


I’m in, I will check your story right away
Here is mine

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Thank you! I’ll check urs out too. What’s the author name so I can find it more specifically? :slight_smile:

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I’d like to do r4r

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I would love to do read for read :hugs::heart:
So here is my story:
Author: AnjitaD
Title: Master of elements
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3(more coming soon)
Description: Will you and your friends able to save the world from darkness as you uncover secrets back 500 years ago ? ( Time choices points system, adventure, fantasy, mystery and action )
Style: Limelight
Link :

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Opeyemi Olu Lawal

I’d love to R4R with anyone my story is trapped in the shadows by Zoe A

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lets do this i’ll send screenshots after :slight_smile:

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Hey there! I read your story! I like it very much. It seems very intriguing and the character costumizations are amazing.
It just pains me a bit to see that main characters hair switches out of nowhere.
But the rest is soooo good! Ps - here are the screenshots! Can’t wait for you to read my story!

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what do you mean by hair switches and have you read chapter 4

yep i have! And i mean it by, I gave her this one hairstyle, and for example when she goes to the office it changes to something different. That’s the confusing part hehe.
Ps - have you read mine ? :slight_smile:

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we can do r4r :))) I’ll send u screenshots once i read it. Hope you can too :slight_smile:

did that happen in chapter 4? And I’m reading yours.

I’m down for a r4r, here’s mine

Title : New Beginnings
Author : Zach
Genre : Fantasy/Drama Romance(Later on)
Story style : Limelight
Story Description : For over a decade, Amy lived under her father’s tyranny as the “Princess”. Now, brought back to Earth, will she discover an unknown power deep within her?
Episodes : 3, more episodes coming soon
Link :
Instagram : @epi.zach
Cover :

Here you go :hugs::hugs: I enjoyed Reading your story :hugs::heart:


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Yes of course thank you :heart::heart:

No the office part was in chapter 3! Before she enters the elevator. :slight_smile:

because it’s next day, you chose her hairstyle for last day


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