Crowd Scene Problems

Hi everyone!
I’m doing a club scene and as you might know, I need to add a lot of people. Do you have any script templates or tips that can help me do it?

A script template:


I recommend reading up on Spot Direction & layers:

  1. Spot Direction:

I also have a IG post on Spot Direction:

  1. layers:
    HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

  2. Placing Characters:

Dara Amarie’s website and Episodelife are amazing resources to check out in regards to coding helps & tips :wilted_flower:

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Thank you!:heart:

Just a question, I used that limelight sript template but when I move my characters to a layer where the number is bigger for them to be in front of the other characters, they continue to appear behind the bg characters. How can I fix it?

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