Crowded street normal day- TEMPLATES

Hey everybody, can someone please help me with some templates of a usually normal day in a a crowded street where people are walking in and out and are talking on the phone ? I would need a template which fits different backgrounds.

BUT Mainly I need some where people are entering in and out talking at the phone, some are talking and smoking, different normal stuff.

If you could help me I would be very grateful <3

I need it asap. <3

That’s the problem… spot directing is different for different backgrounds, for example: If I spot directed a bunch of background characters for a beach background… it wouldn’t work on a roadside background, nor any of the others.

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For example I would need for :




you could request at @Winteronepisode 's script template shop 2.0 , she does script templates :))

I maaaaay or may not have it. I have a couple free templates for 2 coffee shops and 2 streets but I forgot which ones ….

I’ll link my Instagram @himeji.episode

I often use 10-25 characters per scene in all a zones so I can promise you it’ll be nice a filled :slight_smile: I also have instructions and overlays all ready to go

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