Crowds on Writer Portal?

How do you get crowds in the school hallway?

You would have to code lots of people in and give them all animations… it’s very time-consuming but the result looks really nice

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How do I do that

Oh sorry I didn’t know you’re a newbie
Do you know how to do spot directing?
For example,
@CHARACTER walks to spot 12 56 89
(This is just an example)

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I suggest you learn the basics of episode coding, then get into spot directing and all that.
Joseph Evan’s youtube channel is a good source

his channel

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I watch his channel all the time

I am trying to do crowds in the school hallway not spot directing

you need to use spot directing to do crowds :slight_smile:

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The absolute most basic directing you can do for crowd scenes would be using the default positions such as;
@/CHAR stands back far left/right
@/CHAR stands back left/right
@/CHAR stands screen left/right
@/CHAR stands upscreen left/right
@/CHAR stands screen center

Simple spot directing with actual coordinates is indeed time consuming, however the result leaves you with a more appealing “crowd” of people, as only using these default spots can look a little awkward sometimes.


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