Crowns/Tiaras not showing up in Art Catalog

Hi, I will try asking here if anyone has experienced a similar problem. When I go into the Art Catalog in the Portal and click on accessories, none of the crowns except the Prom King crown and Prom Queen tiara show up. The other Tiara’s don’t show up at all, and only one flower crown is shown. Has anyone else a similar problem? Is there anyone I can contact about this?

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I’m not sure if we have the same problem or if they’re normally not listed there. But tbh l couldn’t even tell 100% sure if they ever were listed under accessories… :sweat_smile: :thinking:
Btw you just need to type in ‘crown’ without any filter and there they are


I did as you suggested, finally found them! Genuinely, how was I supposed to know :sob: thank you @v.h_episode !