Crush advice needed

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Hey! Hope everyone is safe & healthy during these crazy times! Sending hugs to you all!

Well lots have happen since the last time I posted and happy to share we’ve been hanging out and talking more. We haven’t hung outside of work but we find each other during our day off to say hi while the other one is working! (I’ve been stuck here longer bc of Covid-19 but will be leaving the end of May.)

He sensed something was wrong and I did open up about my harassment issues. He was very caring then was a bit protective/angry and let me I can come to him if anything happens.

He’s still being a gentleman and goofy. Also very adorable story :joy: He came in asking how I was doing then freaked out bc he saw my hair curled then my hand (which was in a brace at the time). proceeded to ask what I did. He did all of that in 30 seconds with a huge grin on his face.

Also we ran into each other, both blushing and walking out of the room as fast as we could.

Now I haven’t asked for his number yet. I chickened out the first time which was couple days before I originally was suppose to leave but I won’t chicken out this time. Even hoping to ask to hang out before I leave!

It’s all going well even during these crazy and uncertain times!

But I was wondering if there’s something I can say bc he says sorry a lot… even when it’s not his fault. I always tell him he’s good, okay, fine, etc.

Also, the past week when I ask how he’s doing he responds “I’m alive”. I’m thinking somethings bothering him but I don’t know what to say bc I don’t want to seem I’m trying to be noisy when I really just care and I’m concerned. Just might be Covid-19 bc it’s getting to all us workers.



Hi some people have habbit to say sorry all the time. Which doesnt mean they feel guilty all the time its more subconciouse.
I guess he is this type too. So it doesnt probably mean anything particular about him. Its just his “social filler word”

Also you think too much.:rofl::rofl::rofl: If he said something like that I am alive thing eather react on it or forget it.:wink:

Thinking later what it might have meant will anyway not bring you the true answer.

Asking if he is OK is not nosy at all if he would tell you he is fine but you would still trying to dig a hole that might be bit annoying but not that you just show bit of interest and that you care.


omg this is soo cute!
I think just reassuring him that you’re there for him if he needs anyone to talk to will do the trick. Of course, he won’t open up then and there, but at least he knows you’re there for him. Start off as a friend and move up from there. Also, a lot of people just apologize for no reason, so don’t overthink.
Best wishes :heartpulse:


Thanks to everyone for your help! Well he made the first move. He asked for my number & to hangout before I leave. I’m excited!


OOOH YAY! The Squad won!
Have fun and have a good hangout (We all wanna know how it goes, so u better write it :stuck_out_tongue: )

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