Crush Advice Pt 2 (We need a thread for this lol)

Get ready for a long story,

Ok, so on my first school day of school I was standing near the elevator and noticed him with his mom out of the corner of my eye and saw him look at me (I think). He then came over and introduced himself, and me being shy was scared while we talked. Later that night, he knocked on my door and asked my roommate, her boyfriend, and I if we wanted to do something. Both of us declined because she had a boyfriend and thought he was just being creepy (Those first day of school nerves really got to us lol). A couple weeks later, he actually came up to me and apologized to me for creeping me out, I was so embarrassed but thought it was sweet of him. That same week I noticed this other girl who was always with him, especially when I was around. That was when I noticed I had developed feeling for him, but instantly denied it. I eventually stopped seeing her with him and learned he did not like her the way she wanted him too. I would see him everywhere I go and he always manages to show up 9/10 wherever I go. For example, after a fire drill, we were in the elevator, and he came up to me (most likely on something) and asked if I got scared when the alarm went off and also we have had a few conversations in the halls. But soon after, he would randomly start acting cold towards me. But I remember that I was the one who was rude to him first, everyone says he is a sweetheart :sleepy: Despite everything, I still see him everywhere, and think that I should have been nicer to him because he is very sweet, funny, hot, and always makes my heart melt and his smile is to die for. I believe he might know about my feelings, but i am not 100% sure. Currently we don’t really talk, but I have been lost for a while on what my next step should be. He was trying to be nice and I messed it up, who knows what could have happened? Please help!!!

Bonus: This is creepy but I believed he tried to follow my IG a year before I met him, Isn’t that weird?

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For sure! Maybe he knows something you don’t :thinking::wink:

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I played volleyball in high school and after a game at his school (he told me a while ago) and after a game there he asked to follow my social media. It is weird! I do not know what to do!

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