Crush Problem! Please help

I got one too and yesterday my friend found out who it was (it was one of her friends) so she pulled him over by my desk I was so mad.:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Thx guys… but rn now its the school holidays and I cant get his number cuz I don’t think he has one… but I can try email :grin:


Maybe try and be friends with him first, get to know him, then maybe think about telling him :blob_hearts:

Ok thx


I do have his number

Good if you have his no. :wink: Did he chat with you

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Yes but he has been ignoring me since we started school holidays and we are going to school tomorrow but he has been reading my messages and he is not replying back

then just don’t text him more, wait until he texts u
if he likes u then he will do something about it


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I know this feeling, so annoying :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::kissing::kissing:

But i think you have to ignore him a bit like he do don’t show him you like him and just act casually around him

Play mind tricks with him :joy:
Then he noticed your different attitude and might become curious about why are you behaving like this

If he didn’t react much than forgot about him there are plenty of boys in the sea :joy:


Maybe he acts like that around bc he likes you? You can try making small talk w him to make him feel more comfortable and then get to know him! :+1:t3:

maybe you can just talk to him and confront him about why he’s been ignoring you?

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yeah i need help with this too! i want to start texting him, but i dont know what to say because i ask him open ended questions but his replies mean it cant continue into a conversation

Yeah. You might want to play hard to get.
That’s what I’m doing with my current crush: making him notice me while I’m directly ignoring him/not speaking to him at all.
Just don’t turn borderline stalker and you’ll be okay.

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Open-ended may not be the way to go then. Make him talk about himself if you can

ok ill try that

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