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Wassuppp, I’m CStation and I take requests, Please read the rules, and what I can do, before requesting :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (I can’t do guy character edits btw sorry :sweat_smile:)

I can do:

  • Pfp’s (Profile Pic) / Character Edits
  • Backgrounds
  • Splashes

Pfp/Character edits -

None yet (Request so I can have one lol :laughing:)

( I’ll reply this banner to you if your request is accepted )

( I’ll reply this banner to you if your request was declined, for example, I don’t think I can do it/It’s too hard for me)


  1. Please use it :laughing:
  2. Requests may take time and I’m kinda busy, So please don’t rush me :blush::grin:
  3. Please don’t request something I don’t do
  4. Please give credit to me and don’t claim it as your own :blush::revolving_hearts:
  5. If you have Instagram, Please follow my account @cstation7, ( I might not do your request until you follow me ) also tell me your insta username so I can tag you on my post :wink::blush:
  6. Please don’t unfollow after you get your request, It’s disrespectful :blush:
  7. Please don’t thread Hop, If you don’t know what it means, It means requesting to me, and then requesting that SAME request to another artist, It’s disrespectful to both artist :blush:

Put the pass ‘Izzy Yeet’ Blur it :wink:

Waiting List for Pfp/Character Edit:
@Cocoa_bean23 (Drawn Pfp)
@irishpotato (Drawn Pfp)
@exrolia (Drawn Pfp)
@molly247 (Drawn Edit)
@nemimutt [Not Sure Yet]

[I won’t be taking pfp/character edits request for now, since 5 people already requested them]

Waiting List for Splashes:

That’s pretty much it, I hope people actually request, My self esteem be low as fak lol

Edit: No Longer Making Banners, Badges, Backgrounds And Covers :sweat_smile: [Might make another thread for that]


I don’t need anything now but just want to say that of course a lot of people will request because your edits,pfp and backgrounds are really great!

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Hey I would like to have a new drawn pfp if that’s okay?

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Password: izzy yeett
Char details:
Lip color: Rose
Without the eyeglass and necklace and I want her pose to be like this but facing forward
her hair color sort of like this

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Aw, Thank you! I’m glad you think they’re good :grin::revolving_hearts:

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sure! I’ll get it done in a few days since it takes more time than edited, hope your fine with that :grin:

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You’re welcome :revolving_hearts:

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Nah, I’m fine you can take your time :upside_down_face:

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Hi! I’d love a pfp; yours look stunning!


Character Details:
Body Color: Mocha
Brow Shape: Defined Natural
Hair Style: Beach Wave
Hair Color: A purple ombre, like this image:

Eye Shape: Upturned Bold
Eye Color: Hickory
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose Shape: Upturned
Lip Shape: Blossom Lips
Lip Color: Bubblegum Pink

But without the glasses please :slight_smile:

I would like her in this pose but with her looking forwards.

(oofie, I made this edit but it didn’t turn out well :frowning: )

And so I don’t forget, here’s the password: Izzy Yeet!

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(Forgot to reply this to you :joy:)

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Sure! I’ll try my best :blush::+1:

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Hi, @CStation :wave: I would like to request a PFP in INK

Note: If you could do the hair similar to your first example that would be great!

  • Character close up as well please.
    Thanks love Izzy Yeet I wont forget credit. :two_hearts:
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Do you do limelight edits?



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Yes, But not as good as I can do ink

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@ KelieDemos is my Instagram user.

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Alright! I’ll be sure to tag you :laughing::ok_hand:

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Sounds good! :two_hearts:

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