Cultural Appropriation and Clothing

Hello all!
As I am creating outfits, I’ve noticed a few accessories or pieces that I would like to use for my characters, though I don’t know if I can. The mala beads and jade accessories both work well with outfits, but would they be offensive? Would it be considered cultural appropriation to use them? Additionally, if a character is meant to be an older woman, could I use a headscarf for her outfit?
Please let me know. I do not intend to offend, insult, or mock anybody. I love you all, and I don’t want to do something that’s not right!
Thank you. xo!



I can only speak for my own regligion. not even I think I can only speak for myself. and that is I dont care. I am christian. I dont care how you use the cross. people here on episode know we have limit acess to stuff.

perosanlly. i would mean its stupid to be offended over that. but again I dont have the same regligios belive as other people. so I cant speak for them.

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To be honest, it’s a really sticky subject. I’d avoid using the Mala and Payal because they have a pretty specific use. Mala beads are the Hindu equivalent of a rosary and all of them look pretty much exactly the same. I don’t consider it cultural appropriation, but I do think it’s a good idea to stick to what Episode outlines for these assets so as not to cause offence.

Cultural appropriation is in the eye of the beholder, but as a good rule or thumb, if you’re not sure then leave it out. There are very few things I consider to be appropriation on Episode and it completely depends on the context, but if you’re worried about other people’s opinions, I can promise they’ll comment if you use the “Cultural Update” in a way that doesn’t line up with the name of the asset.


how do I know what the outlines are for the assets are?

Pretty much the name. If they have a clear, “cultural” name like Mala, you’re probably best leaving it for its “proper” use

I do think cultural appropriation is important when it comes to clothing, but I don’t think clothing assets such as a headscarf, is offensive. I know for a fact older women like to wear headscarves with their outfits sometimes; I don’t find it offensive. However, there are clothing assets who look a bit similar to headscarves and I think those are things people wear for certain religions (and cultures of course).

Yeah my grandma do that. an me too sometime in the summer because I always get sun burn

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thank you!