Cultural appropriation

I personally haven’t seen anything of the sort in stories but there were discussions on here about it. People just don’t seem to get what’s wrong with it.

Look, if it’s something widely popularised like straight hair or a cross, then there’s nothing wrong with it. If it’s a crucifix or afros, then yes, there is something wrong with it.

And I tell you what’s even more disgusting—it’s people using half-baked excuses to get away from whatever sticky situation THAT THEY PUT THEMSELVES IN!

Don’t do it. The internet will attack you. You’ll have a bad reputation that you’ll make for yourself if you continue.

This is also a call for Episode to do something about it. Maybe something like, ‘Dark Blue Hijab. Use with caution.’ That one doesn’t work too well but maybe. ‘Light purple Hijab. Use appropriately’ or ‘Use on right character’ or ‘Not for use on anyone who’s not Muslim.’

Maybe, make it a thing for us to have insert religion—having some clothing limited. But that’s also not a good solution. It’ll come with backlash from people like me, fantasy writers who don’t want to define a person’s religion and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. But I hope you see what angle I’m coming from.



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