Cultural assets: significance

A Post on the cultural significance of some episode’s cultural assets. Hope this helps.

And also check out my friend @TalGordin post to know more about The Star of David. And I’m making a list of people who can help the community know more about various cultures, so if you belong from one and can educate people more about your culture, drop your name here and you will be added to the list :smile::smile:.

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I can’t read the rosary beads one


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Unmarried Hindu women can wear bindis, it’s not strictly restricted to married women. Men can also wear them but they no longer do in modern day after assimilating to colonization.

And it’s inappropriate to wear mala beads for non-religious/decorative reasons unless you are a pandit (Hindu priest). Pandits wear them all times. While meditating it’s fine, but the beads bracelet is more commonly worn during meditation or practicing yoga.


I made these posts on an Instagram group that I am a part of. Some of these assets are from my own culture so I’m well aware of their meanings and uses. But I also have multiple degrees in fashion and learnt about clothing and costume of various cultures and religions as part of my curriculum, so you can trust that information is accurate as I am a professional and this is my expertise.


Thank you so much for clearing it up. Guys make sure you follow this amazing group and this amazing lady on Instagram :smile:. Thank you again.

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