Cultural Stereotypes

Hello everyone!! We all know as a writer, involving people of different cultures and countries in our writings is very crucial. However, there are certain stereotypes based on where you belong to. It can be very offensive if a writer - knowingly or unknowingly - uses them in his/her works.
On this thread I request you all to comment down your views on this topic, and, if you agree with me, also comment down where you are from and stereotypes that you think cannot be more untrue for the people of your country (and there justification if you may).

Thank you!


This is very true! I think if someone is writing on a different culture they are obviously not they should do research and ask people of that culture.

As a writer I want people to be able to relate with my content. So let’s say there is someone of _____ cultural background and while they’re reading my story they’re like “This is so untrue” and so on and so forth.

The solution for this is to get your facts straight from multiple sources!!


and please try to use an other source other than google translate. I’m Latina right, so I speak Spanish. We DONT have the same slang as people from the states or something. For example “Go to Hell” is a American thing (as far as I know) We don’t say “Vete a la carcel” (I think I spelt that wrong but it means go to hell. I’m half awake)

From my experience we’d probably say something like “Vete pa la mirerda” which has the same meaning but at the same time doesn’t…if that makes sense.

Lol I prob spelt stuff wrong don’t come @ me


I agree! The best alternative for google translate is that just freaking ask someone from the forums…it will take some time but at least you will get it right!

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That Germans are all Nazis. It’s the total opposite. In fact, Germany has a whole different pledge from Hitler’s old pledge. It’s illegal to use that pledge and it’s also looked down upon to like Hitler at all in Germany.


That is so freaking unfair😢!

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Things to avoid
-Italian mafia leader.
-posh English person.
-smart Asian.
-angry, loud black person who’s always shouting. like fr I see this character all the time as the mc bestie
-a loud Latina.
And. So. Many. More.

Create your own freakin’ characters don’t follow these stupid stereotypes which r total bs. It makes u a lazy writer & means u could b potentially offending & annoying many ppl from these cultures.


That is literally what I see in every story in or out episodes.
I agree girl!

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That all black people are loud, sassy (I heard this stereotype in high school stories as the POC best friend), ghetto, and criminals. Hate it. :rage: None of this is true, and please make sure to never include these stereotypes about us in your story.

I think a perfect example of this is Hunter from Him and I, who is black, by default (with monolids for some reason). Near the beginning of the story, he is said to be a gang leader or some sh*t. I felt offended over that, and I’m hoping that wasn’t Melia’s intention on us black citizens, but please don’t display any of us as a criminal of any kind. And off-topic, but I’m tired of seeing Hunter everywhere in Instagram Episode memes.


A lot of people who aren’t from the UK seem to think we talk in queen’s English, the posh accent you see on every British character in basically every American film ever. So, I’ve seen some authors go above and beyond to try make their British characters talk very sophisticated where they over-enunciate all their words. This isn’t realistic, most Brits talk very commonly, myself included. Personally, I don’t particularly have a problem with people portraying us like that because in some circumstances it can be comical, but I see some people genuinely write us that way because that’s how they actually perceive us which is worrying.

In reality, accents (and dialect/slang) differ depending on where you’re from. If you live in Scotland, you’d have a Scottish accent. If you live in Newcastle, you’d have a Geordie accent, and there are SO many more! And each part of the UK have their own fun little sayings and words.

Oh, and also people seem to think we all love tea and eat crumpets for some reason. Idk where that stereotype came from


That all Asians (specifically Chinese) are smart, skinny, with slanted eyes, good at math, wear glasses, and play the piano.


Ikr…even black and coloured people can have calm and peaceful personalities.


I’m from Germany, and we have many stereotypes. Some are annoying and, some are highly offensive.

The first offensive stereotype is mentioned and explained by @Anna_Marie.
Yes, neo-Nazis exist in Germany, but it’s not the majority! And not every neo-Nazi life in Germany. We are well-educated about the Third Reich, WWII and the Holocaust in school. We are not afraid to talk about it, let alone to educate others about those topics.

Unfortunately, Germanophobia (don’t confuse this with germaphobia) is still a thing.

Another very offensive stereotype is making the German language aggressive and harsh. Some words can sound harsh, but in general, the German language doesn’t sound aggressive at all. German is the language of poets and thinkers, as we like to say. If it helps, you can watch videos by German or German-speaking Youtubers. :smiley:

Another stereotype that gets in my nerves is that many think that every German wears lederhosen or dirndls. Lederhosen and dirndls are traditional clothes in Bavaria and have nothing to do with general German culture. The REAL Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich.

  • And we don’t just eat sausages, pretzels, sauerkraut and drink beer. German cuisine is so much more than sausages.
  • Not everyone is obsessed with soccer.
  • Not every German is blue-eyed and has blond hair.

I’m sure there are more stereotypes about Germans. I think I’ve listed the primary stereotypes so far. :slight_smile:


Oh I know where the tea stereotype came from…actually I have studied that the British expanded the tea trade and plantations all across the world including India(where I am from) so I am assuming that people think they are obsessed with it which is ridiculous


I can relate…the reason is that non-asians assume that since asians have strict parents (which, btw, is also a stereotype), we have to excel in all the ‘positive’ and ‘productive’ fields :roll_eyes:


Ikr, I have heard German language spoken by actual germans and it sounds freakin’ meditative!
I am definitely with you on the language one


Okay for Caribbean people (also called West Indians) here are some reoccurring stereotypes:

  • we’re all like lazy and wear dreads
  • that we all use Jamaican slang and dialect (all caribbean countries have a unique way of speaking and you can easily find examples online)
  • that we arent diverse, yes, most of us are black (I’m black myself) but there are actually lots of Aisan Caribbean people as well as Hispanics. Hell my aunt is a white Bahamian :joy: and some of my friends are south Asian and from Guyana/Trinidad. Caribbean individuals can come in any colour really, while it can be uncommon they exist.
  • Or the whole stereotype that Caribbean people are uneducated (in fact lots of colleges in north America and England have groups and committees specifically for Caribbean/Latin American people)
  • We dont only listen to reggae music either, we have lots of different music Genres, it’s not limited to reggae (which is mainly a Jamaican music form). Even in Jamaica there are LOTS of different types of cultural music besides reggae.

Wow, that’s racist.


He also has a terrible relationship w his father & his mother…

I hope it was not Melia’s intention to do this & she is not the only one to use these stereotypes, but it’s hurtful for so many that black characters r most commonly used as criminals, loud best friends, security guards… it’s so messed up ppl following the stupid cultural stereotypes based off of no truth at all. :sneezing_face:


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