Culture, Religion, Place, and Mental Illnesses Information for Stories

This is a thread specifically made for sharing facts about culture, religion, places, and mental illnesses for stories.
I know there are threads like this but they are closed which means people can not share their culture religion etc.
Please be respectful to others beliefs cultures etc.
Only post if you know it’s a fact please. This is very important as I don’t want opinions to override facts.


I do believe this thread will be closed due to violating forum rules. Just a heads up.


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My regligion is Asatro(on my dad’s side, on my mom I am Christian but atheist fit both). that is what most people think pagan religion is. pagan is not a religion. wanna know more go to Wiki

so what is Asatro? its also called Nordish Mytologi its the religion of Thor and Odin. here is a few fun facts

Thor is a ginger
It’s not known if Loki is male or female. so he is genderfluent
Thor once dress up as a girl to get his hammer back there had been stolen


Thank you for sharing!

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I hope this thread doesn’t get closed, there’s nothing wrong with learning about diversity of all sorts, as long as people can be civilised about it. :grin: The Episode forums seem like a nice place for civilised discussion to me, compared to the rest of the internet anyway.

It can be nice to hear from real people, because even researching these things on Wikipedia might not be representative of a real individual, not everyone precisely fits the generalisation. :slight_smile: These, of course, are just a few specific cases, not necessarily representative of everyone either.

I don’t have a lot of diverse tidbits to share, but I have a few:


There are few of us, and we’re pretty spread out (because 50% of our land is cold as heck, and 25% of our land is nearly uninhabitable lmao). We’ve only got 5 cities that exceed 1 million residents. About 74% of us have European ancestry. There’s more cultural and racial diversity in the bigger cities, less in rural areas. About 67% of us are Christians according to census data. Among protestants, there’s an unusually high percentage of adult-baptist churches. :woman_shrugging: Not all of us are bilingual (English and French), but a bunch of people living in the Eastern half can speak French. Also, the “milk in bags” thing is mostly just the eastern half of the country as well haha. And tbh I don’t know where the “eh” thing comes from, where I live almost no one says it. :joy:


To be nearsighted to the point of being legally blind, one’s vision has to be worse than 20/200. My grandma’s vision is about 20/600 without her glasses, and glasses can only correct it to somewhere around 20/200 or 20/300 ish. To top it off, she’s got another batch of eye problems now that she’s old. So she’s not allowed to drive, but her vision is good enough to make do. She can move around the house with no trouble as long as nothing camouflages (ie. wood textured items on a wood floor, etcetera). She sometimes knocks over things that are clear/camouflaged (ie. glass cups or white cups on a white tablecloth). She went to a special school for the blind. Sometimes when she’s walking down the street, she’ll see a person waving their arm up high, she has no idea who the person is or who they’re waving at, so she just waves back anyway haha. I presume she recognises people mostly based on voice and context (height, size, where they are) rather than looking at their facial features. Honestly, sometimes I forget she’s blind until she mentions it in some way she looked at our pet gecko from about 3 feet away and asked “Which side is its head?”


I’m not dyslexic, but two of my siblings are; honestly, they don’t seem to have it the way the textbooks say lol. Both of them have messy handwriting, poor spelling, and sometimes write letters backwards (more so in elementary school than now). Neither seem to have that much trouble reading, though, one of 'em reads novels all the time lmao. Both had an IEP (individual education plan) designed to help them in school: they had a school laptop with a speech-to-text program to help with school work. I think both rarely used it, though. It could be that both have a pretty minor form of dyslexia, I’m not an expert by any means. :slight_smile:

A few more

Lightning round: A few things some people might have that you might not think much about unless you or someone you know have these:

  • Motion sickness (I can’t play/watch first-person or third-person video games for long, maybe about 2 mins tops. Best video games are side-scrollers, like classic Super Mario. Occasionally games with a bird’s-eye-view camera angle will be alright, but even those are pushing it if there’s a lot of motion. Some movies trigger it too. In the car, I usually have to keep watching the road)

  • Migraines (People suffer from migraines in all sorts of different ways, with dozens of possible triggers. Mine are hormone changes (ie. menstruation), loud/continuous sounds, high barometric pressure (ie. cloudy/stormy weather), and sometimes hunger. It feels like a throbbing on one side of the head, roughly in sync with my heartbeat. For me, there’s no pattern of whether I’ll get a migraine on the left side or right, but once it chooses a side, it sticks there until it goes away. I personally have no way of getting rid of them except with a painkiller (ibuprofen) or, worst-case, the endorphins after vomiting. :confused: Some people get aura (a hazy blur on everything, and a sensitivity to light), but I don’t. In general, migraines are considered to be a 7 on a 10-point pain scale, but mine are probably more like a 5, thankfully. I get about 1-4 of them every 2 weeks, depending on circumstances.

Thanks for reading! I hope this allowed you learn something and/or broaden some of your characters. :grin:

Feel free to ask me anything, although I’m not actually an expert on any of these lol. :+1:


Wow that’s really interesting!
Thank you for including a place as I only know about the USA and it would be nice to create a story centered somewhere new. I didn’t know that eyesight could be measured that low, no offense. My brother has problems with only one eye and has to wear glasses consistently otherwise he will have to wear them pretty much all the time. This is great for including in a story or character development thank you for sharing!


Some people get scared of writhing about places they’re not from, in case they get stuff wrong threads like this are amazing for that💁‍♀️


Yeah. I set most of my stories around where I live, partly because of the weight of researching, partly because it’s hard to truly immerse myself in a place I’ve never been, and partly because I might get stuff wrong no matter how hard I research lol. It’s fun to learn, though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It was cool learning about the Canadian North for one of my stories. I didn’t even know that the roads only went a certain distance. Some towns/settlements, some not even as far north as I thought, are only accessible for part of the year, or just by airplane/helicopter. :open_mouth:


I try to not pin point any place, but it’s hard not to write about what I see. I use USA as a big reference.


It’s the country I know the second best. And so does most of the episode platform. It’s just easier.

South Sea Islands

Y’all ever seen Moana? It’s like that in the villages except they wear clothes and they don’t rely too heavily on coconuts. More so on sweet potato and savoury banana.
In the towns and cities it’s similar the towns in the Caribbean. Chill, high crime rate, everybody knows each other, don’t leave your broken down car on the road cos someone will set it on fire, the police sell drugs.
I have all sorts of weird skills that I’ll never use where I live but they’re fun to have: I can scale tall coconut palms, make coconut cream, fish with the simplest of hooks, swim against rip tides, outrun a the police and their teargas, outrun a thief, go shark feeding, walk through deadly streets at the dead of night, walk really far without water in the scalding sun, break into/out of places.
Everyone’s overly spiritual and mythical, Tania cursed Rose and the sanguma (spirit demon people) have captured her.
There is such a huge appreciation and culture surrounding arts, sports and community.
As backwards as it is it’s my favourite place to be, the weather, the people, the recreation, the atmosphere, the food, just it’s my home


I’ve lived in Australia for four years now so I guess I can share some insight. People are nice, life is very routinely, extreme weather, Libra pads (don’t ask, just had to mention it), the landscape is strange but beautiful. It’s a really nice balance of urban and nature where I live and I like the scene. Australia is cool.


While I do love and respect my religion… we are a bit cult like.


Here’s some of my info heh:

A little on mental health:
-Depression: for some people it comes in episodes (meaning it comes and goes) for others it always there 24/7.

Autism is highly used as a light-hearted insult, but I can assure you it’s not all retraded rainbows and to you funny behaviour. Autism is diffirent in boys and girls. It’s a spectrum, some can’t even speak and some you could easily without breathing not notice they had autism. Although the worse cases are seen as the physically disabling cases. Don’t forget it’s mental disorder, all cases are completely specific to the person. No one can say that’s not how autism works because it’s never the same.


I have no ideas—i’ll Update it—

And I oop- I couldn’t tell you shizzam

Hopefully this helps someone and sorry for some being short and some really long.


You might be thinking of Judaism? They’ve got the Old Testament (which I believe they call the Torah), while Christians (Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant) have the Old Testament and New Testament (although there are some slight differences in which books they have included). :thinking:


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Three hours in🤡 and it’s been a emotional three hours. Love, pain, heartbreak and most importantly I’m proud of all of you for being here to witness this.


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Okay, for issues like PTSD, people who suffer don’t ALWAYS think about their trauma, or display it every day. But when a trigger does come it is extremely difficult to recover from them, but normally the person is not always “living in fear”, as it depends on the severity. PTSD from war trauma is very different from sexually related PTSD and whatnot. Also PTSD can induce anxiety and depression. That could be social anxiety, personal image anxiety, obsessive related anxiety disorders etc.