Culture twinss!



Comment your cultures and find people who have the same culture as you.
i’ll start:


Scandinavian American/Upper-Midwestern.


that is a lovely culture


English, French, Welsh, Armeniern, Russian


Mexican, Native American, Irish


Swedish. Livet är bra.


I’m biracial, 50% Moroccan and 50% Dutch, but born and raised in the Netherlands😁


100% Salvadoreña de Chalatenango


The Netherlands is a beautiful country. :slight_smile:


Very! I love my country :heart_eyes:


I feel as though I’m pretty dull :joy:



England has a lot of history its interesting no ones culture is dull


I find English culture dull (probably because it’s my own culture and I grew up in Oxford so I’m surrounded by other cultures which I found more interesting).

What I meant was I felt dull because all the other comments have more than 1 culture whereas I only have 1.


its ok. maybe you do have other cultures that you don’t know about


I’m hispanic, but if u want to go even further I’m Mexican. :heart_eyes:

That’s the reason why my mouth wasn’t burning after the hot sauce we ate in school.


i doubt anyone shares my complete culture but i’m half mexican and half persian!


I am also French and Russian!


Found a culture twin ish!!!


Quater Chinese Quater Pakistani and Quater Timorian.
(that is wut dey told meh)


Not to be rude but Persian reminds me of my cat, which is a shorthair breed a mix of a Persian and a shorthair.