Curious Question for Artists

I know this is silly but I had to ask other artists out there, do you get requests and wonder just what went through their mind when choosing an outfit/expression?? Lol some of the requests I get have the weirdest requests but whatever makes them happy! How do you get past difficult customers? How do you personally deal with the blows when someone hates your art?


I get teased and told that my art sucks enough at home that randos online don’t bother me.

However- Some outfit choices do annoy me (whether they’re basic or too many complicated layers), but… WE DEAL.


Sometimes… not often it’s more of there design choice like that’s what you want :clown_face: okay…

Uh I’m actually I’m a big suck up so I just live with it and I’m like okay I will do it again.

I had to do an animation once and I hated it with every bone in my body and she ended up not even needing it


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