Curious Question - What do you like and dislike in a story?

I’m curious to know if there is anything else people like or dislike in a story other than the obvious listed below.

  • Storyline / Genre
  • Spot Directing
  • Grammar
  • Spelling Mistakes

Example: Do you like a story to have choices or no choices? Transitioning, zooms etc.


I don’t like when stories have slow transitions and long intros. For example, I stopped reading the first episode of “Eat Me Up” because the intro of Candy and Chad felt longer than the intro of the MC


I dislike when there are too many narrations in the story.


hate when it pan to trough all zones, the only zone I need to see is the one the characters are in. I dont care what the background looks like, its the background, if the characters are not in the zone there is no reason to show it.

its an exception when its like there is character spotted in all the zones doing things. that is a scene. when its empty and their is no one, you just wanna show the background off that is when i hate it.

and author characters. dont make yourself a character. whatever the author have to say it dosent matter and we dont care.


Authors coming onscreen & talking to their characters gives me strong second hand embarrassment. :woozy_face: I hate it so bad.


A few things I love in stories:
Slow-burn (if it’s a romance story)
Ambitious, creative directing
Eye-catching covers
• Stories that explore real issues, whilst still being respectful (accurate research on the topic, adding trigger warnings and maybe even a ‘skip’ option, providing resources, etc) to people who may have been impacted by said issues.

Just a few things that frustrate me in stories:

When the plot is great but the grammar is unreadable. I understand English is not everyone’s first language, but there are proofreaders you can turn to for help on making sure grammar, spelling, etc. are good.
• Mean girl antagonist who serves no purpose other than to inconvenience the MC, for no reason other than she just doesn’t like her. It’s just unrealistic and way too common on the app.
Lazy directing - especially when characters are placed over each other when they’re supposed to be behind (I’ve even seen this in Episode’s own original stories), zooms are messed up so that you can’t even see what’s happening in the scene, etc.
• In a Romance, reading about two MCs (MC & LI) who literally have no connection whatsoever and no reason to be together other than the fact that they’re both “hot”. It’s really hard to ship two people who have no compatibility at all.

Good luck with your story! :blue_heart:


I like good use of overlays, diversity (done correctly) and when we get to choose our ending and if we want to have a romantic subplot. I really hate being forced to date someone (even if we have a choice on who).

I dislike bad grammar, bad or annoying MCs (by bad I mean no personality, weak, always relying on everyone else, can’t do anything for themselves, or just does dumb stuff that no one in their right mind would do). Douchey LIs, rude, abusive, LIs and too much sex. Also bad directing.


My first story that I am currently revamping has a mean girl which I now hate the idea of lol :see_no_evil: But she also plays a small part in one of the main characters life.

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Aw, I feel bad now. It’s not a bad thing to have in your story, just not a personal fave of mine. I don’t mind the character if she actually has a reason to do the stuff she does, maybe give her a backstory or at least a motive, or a personality as most of the ones I see lack one. :two_hearts:

I’m not a fan of unrealistic love triangles/ multiple love interests.

Whilst I simply prefer one love interest I can handle more than one. But not when they all “love” the MC and don’t seen to know or mind about her flitting around between them both.
I don’t really like having an MC that wants to sleep with all men involved and expects them all to wait on her decision. It’s just not my cup of tea.

This is why I write with one love interest. I find it more realistic and a stronger connection.


I honestly dislike the long intros, I just want to read the story?

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What do I like:

  • Good Covers
  • A good plot that makes sense and wants to grab your reader’s attention.
  • Good Directing
  • Good Grammar
  • Choices
  • Stories with NO ROMANCE
  • More Male MCs
  • Stories that deal with family, friendship.
  • More stories with Plus Size MCs
  • Diversity
  • Well written story.
  • Characters that we can relate to.
  • More stories that deal with sports, military, holiday stories, raising awareness stories, taking care of kids stories, etc.
  • I like stories that use filters, text effects, sound, music, etc.
  • Different backgrounds and overlays.
  • I only want to see 1 love interest. Please, enough with 4 love interest, 5, 6, etc. Do what you can handle, and work with.
  • I want to see some background story on your characters. Did they had a tragic past?
  • I like stories with no choices at all. Like make it a movie if u want.
  • Transitions, (that includes the flash warning, if you are using transitions.)


  • Long Intros ( at least make your intro a bit short that only lasts for about 5 minutes.)

  • Bad Grammar ( the same thing applies, get yourself a proofreader to check everything before you publish.)

  • A Rushed Story ( Take your time, plan your story, do not rush it just to gain reads. Look over it, make sure your directing is good, make sure you add whatever you need to add that needs to be there, like trigger warnings, flash warning, etc.)

  • Seeing the same features using, over and over, again. (Stop with the big lips, generic features, etc. Go for something different, I’m tired of seeing it in every MCs. Especially in mafia stories)

  • Basic Directing - If you are a new author, practice learning the basics of coing before you start anything else. Get used to the script, watch tutorials on Youtube.

  • Mean Girls - (STOP having the same means girls, girls that are blonde, and always bully the MC. It’s overused.)

  • PLEASE DO NOT EVER USE CULTURAL ASSETS IN YOUR STORIES UNLESS YOUR STORY IS DIVERSE. I am seeing a lot of cultural assets being used on characters that are not diverse.

  • Same default background characters. (Stop using the same default background characters. Change them up a bit!)

  • LONG intros and outros when it pauses for like 10 seconds and pans from zone to zone. I don’t freaking care
    *Art scenes. I just hate art scenes, code! You need to code, not just put in a scene and narrate. *
    *Just CC chapter.NO!!! First off, I don’t need to customize my LI’s sister! That’s ridiculous. Second, when an author puts 3 templates and says it’s too many lines. I have 3 templates in mine, it is not too many.
    *Slow burn mafia romance. Not my type
    *No periods. I actually click out of stories, bc it doesn’t take more than 2 seconds too put a period.
    Love triangles. I usually don’t read stories with 2 LI’s bc there’s always an author preferance. And there’s always a bad boy with a deep past who’s rude but so hot and sweet once you get to know him, and some golden boy.
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Having long author intros at the beginning or end of the story, especially if they’re saying their story is bad (even if they say it’s their first story) is something I don’t like. I understand it’s hard, but if the author says the story is bad, the reader might just lose interest. And promising that the story will get longer/better doesn’t help either. (It usually doesn’t happen. :sweat_smile: Just my personal experience. Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude.)

I do like good covers with good descriptions. Stories that have side characters with a lot of depth are great, too, so that the side characters aren’t just the bland best friend who follows the MC everywhere.