Curly Hair Struggles


Hey guys!!
So I know some people here most like also have curly hair and I just want everyone to know, having curly hair can absolutely SUCK :joy: there are a lot of problems that come with having such a pretty twist to your hair and I want to hear from others some of their curly hair struggles!

So drop some below! Even share curly hair problem memes if you want! Also, if you have curly hair, tell me! I would love to know who I relate to! :grinning:

My ratchet hair


Maybe even show a pic of your curly hair I would love to see!


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Lol, yeah curly hair can really be annoying… I guess I could say my hair is curly and it’s not necessarily that hard to maintain but more the fact I can’t do a lot with my hair… Like I can’t do things like bangs/fringe easily cause that would curl more than the rest of my hair…

Btw, picture:


Awww you’re hair is so pretty!!


And oof yeah, it’s just annoying trying to make your curls look good :joy:


Thanks! Yeah, usually I am too lazy to put effort into making them look good though :joy:


Yeah lol but even when I don’t really mess with it people compliment me on my hair and I’m just like :neutral_face:


Same :rofl: but your hair really looks great so it doesn’t surprise me tbh


water is the solution for ya



But one struggle is when it’s humid and your hair is all frizzy :expressionless:


What you mean? :joy:


oh lord

gotta appreciate the frizz :joy:


Yeah especially when you want your curly hair to keep looking good cos you like it one day and your curls get all stupid and just look like big puffs :joy:


soft water makes your curls pop more, if ya know what m’ sayin’ xp

idk how good it is for the hair though lmao. soft water is doin’ the job for me, but cold and warm water is a big no no, cuz it makes the hair flat n’ frizzy


Oof I take pretty warm showers :no_mouth:


you two are cute hair and everything :relaxed:


My hair is more of fluffy right now because i painfully brushed it. I hate washing it though because it becomes a mess and it’s painful. I would send a pic but my hair is brushed into a poof rn :joy:


trust me, lol, I am now getting tired of it, so im gonna braid it. Ill be changing my profile picture soon. when I am curling it, IT DOESN’T CURL HOW I WANTED IT!!! XDDD


i always straighten it hehe


Lol I hate straightening it, it takes way to fricken long :joy:


Oof, I dont ever brush my hair, like I cant, it hurts and it gets annoyingly poofy so I reccomend for curly haired people to not brush their hair :joy::joy: