Curly Hair Struggles


Want to know something weird?
I used to have curly hair prior to pregnancy.
Now one side of my head has curly hair and the other side has wavy …


Omg having to brush it after showering was awful for me

Taken right now lol

It’s not curly alot in this pic since my hair is still wet :joy:
But now I have a brush and all kinds of cream and sprays to help detangle and keep it curly :slightly_smiling_face:
Its just frizzy most of the time so I don’t like wearing it down


This is goddess level. Tell me your secret!!


Lol, samee


My mom has wavyish hair now after having me :joy:


I’m Mexican so my hair is dark and coconut oil? :sweat_smile:


Wow! I’m Mexican and African- American so my hair can get really unruly at times :sweat_smile::sweat:


I’m Mexican but it doesnt show because I look like my Caucasion father :joy:


:laughing: My Mexican side rarely shows I look like my dad. #DominantGenes


Loll yeah I just had my cousin on the bus who is full blown Mexican looks anand everything have to tell people I’m really Mexican :joy:


When I stand next to my cousins and say that they are my cousins people get that look like, Is she adopted? or Lies. Thats when I have to break out my Espanol prowess ^^ I feel ya, such is life.


Oh my gosh same!! And yeah it’s always fun making the haters and non believers shut up by talking in Spanish :joy:


Yes! You go girl! Someone insulted me in Spanish once, their face when I clapped back.
Even my abuela joined in. :joy::joy:


be happy your hair is easier to deal with lol.


I guess it depends on the length

My hair used to be like this


Aw your cute. My hair was a struggle so throughout middle school so I kept it in ponytails :joy:


Thank you!




Yasss lol

I hate tho when people judge Mexicans for talking in Spanish in the US here like noo just stop

Back on topic: a struggle is when EVERYONE wants to touch my hair :expressionless:


I think your hair is really really pretty, same with everyone, I have really curly hair too.