Curly Hair Struggles


I’ll send a pic maybe Thursday just depends the next time I have a shower. After I wake up in the morning and have had a shower the night of my hair is curly and messy. But in a way you probably arent thinking of. I brush my hair and its frizzy and poofs up enough to look normal from far far away but still not fixable


so you wash your hair.
and girl it looks good.

ohh look, time to sleep.
wakes up


why do my curls just ??
die ?? overnight ??


I would love to enter this discussions but in reality I actually don’t have curly hair. Mine is straight as heck. :joy::heart:


I actually love my curls my only problem is my curls don’t get along with brushes. I have to wet my hair to tame this bad girl.

View with caution :joy:



i. hate. the. frizz.


I dealt with the problem :sunglasses:

Just got it cut to above my shoulder :grin: it’s better short now and easier to wash :joy:


Yasssss I couldn’t relate more


Ok so yeah ,y hair is wet rn but it’s really curly. I don’t know what to do with it! I wash it once a week and after 2 days I wash it it doesn’t look nice anymore



One of my best pals has the same kind of hair like you do, and she always brush it when it’s wet to get more volume, so it looks like this. Dunno how good it is for the hair tho. xP


laughs in 4c


Ohhh! That’s really pretty hair! I wish mine was like that. Here’s an updated picture when it’s not wet…



Your hair is goals, fam! :smirk:


lol thanks :relaxed: i tryy


My hair is kinky & coily lmaoo so it’s really difficult to maintain. :joy:

My hair type is around 4A I believe