Current afro and natural hairstyles on episode

Hello everyone!
I need help with the names of ALL limelight afro and natural female hairs we have on Episode at the moment.
Can someone give me a list with the names of ALL of them?

  • Afro
  • Short Afro
  • Curly Double Afro Puffs :blob_sun:

Don’t we have more afro hairs? I was also talking about the ones that don’t have afro in the name.

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Not afro hair, no. The other ones would fall under ‘Natural’ hair, not afro.

A list of natural hair.

  • Bantu Knots
  • Braided Bun
  • Braids Updo
  • Dreads Braided
  • Long Braided
  • Long Double Dutch Braids
  • Long Dreadlocks
  • Long Faux Hawk Solid
  • Long Voluminous Curls Loose
  • Medium Dreadlocks
  • Medium Braided
  • Medium Shoulder Curly
  • Medium Shoulder Curly Bun Hair
  • Short Curly Fade
  • Voluminous Curls

Oh, thank you so much for the information! You were super useful!:blush: