Current fashion trends! πŸ‘—


Hey! So I don’t think anyone has made a thread similar to this. @Qwueen gave an idea and I just modified it but here we go!

Here you can share your favourite outfits, colour combinations you prefer for clothes and discuss about the current or upcoming fashion trends whether it’s clothes, shoes, handbags or accessories! :eyeglasses::dress::purse::handbag::shopping::high_heel::boot::womans_hat::lipstick:

My favourite outfits

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Please feel free to tag anyone else who might be interested! :heart::purple_heart:









They are so awesome! The second ones too cute.


Nothing more trendy like plain black! :wink:


Happy Navratra Season, My Indian Darlings! :yellow_heart:


Oh my Oreos! It’s gorgeous!


This is a cool post :smile:

P.S I wish top hats become a popular trend : ) I love them so much :persevere:


Care to share? Sharing is caring! :innocent:


As in the ones which Zatanna wears?


Yes, like that :smile:


Seriously just look at this:

Of course there’s way more examples as well as modern day ones that can be found :smile:

Dita Von Teese wearing one:

They just look so stylish ^^


Share what? Oreos?


Yeah they most definitely do look gorgeous!


Yes! :drooling_face:


Oh it Like something I use when I am surprised. Instead of oh my god it’s oh my Oreos since its literally my god LMAO.




I love wearing Birkenstocks with nike socks (Is this a trend everywhere or just at my school?)