Current story idea

I have an idea for my story but I am unsure how to go about it. I wanna use like 2 shows i used to watch as inspiration but not really copy them (copyright infringement) but kinda bounce off of them. The two shows are Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. as i said not copy them or anything but how would i cooperate them into my story without copying them?

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hmmm, do you mean: getting an inspiration from these shows for your story?

like making a mystery/romance kinda story. Have you ever seen Vampire Diaries or Pretty little Liars?

i don’t really know Vampire Diaries, but I know a thing or two about PLL

Really!!! wow didnt know anyone knew about PLL :slight_smile: but Vampire diaries is a show tht a guy falls in love with a girl who looks like a girl from his past…but ended up with him dieing and Elena married the brother. but as i said i dont wanna copy them, i just don’t know how i would make it enjoyable for the reader so i thought i could incorporate them in my story but twist it just enough so im not copying them.

but this is pretty much the jist…
The story centers on Elena Gilbert, a young, beautiful high school girl who finds herself eventually torn between two Italian brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, who are centuries old vampires.

lol I havent watched the show but I did read the episode featured story so I guess I kind of understand, and it kind of reminds me of twilight saga which is really popular

Im wanting to do a story kinda like PLL and Vampire Diaries yes but combined together

yeah tht it is.

if you wanna write a story like that its up to you to do so. I cant give other advice than write the story. get an idea and begin.

what is your idea for plot. what is suppous to happen, what is the part you wanna use.

you wanna be inspired those two shows, great, I am often inspired by song, but what is it you wanna write about?

oh im sorry misread it entirely. I didnt mean to offend anyone or anything like tht.

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its okay, I didn’t specify, so understandable you got confused.

After one fateful night of betrayal can Katrina find her way back to the man of her dreams or just let her enemy win?

this is the description of my story

okay, that dosent sound like either shows, so maybe start with that, and work from there.

you know just sit down start writhing and see where it goes. but rule for wirhting dont think about logic, or if it sound good, just write, you can edit and make it better later.

thats the thing with my writing. I actually have the story written out that im basing it off of. Im turning my actual story into a episode story. but i wanna take PLL and the vampire diaries and incorporate them somehow, but i just dont know how.

this is wht i have so far.

why?. if you already have your story written why try to force, unesaary plot changes from a tv show, when you dont even know how you wanna do it,.

I understand you like the show, but frankly its better to keep to your original than force a copy of others work into it.

to be honest…I’m kind of a person if i don’t like how I did something when it comes to my writing, i do other things to incorporate in my stories to make them sound better n not so bland, Yes i have it written out but i dont know where to go from where i left off at in my story. To me i don’t think my story is good enough to others it is but to me its not.

So i just read what you send if your alteady stuck , thats really nto good because the story can barely say it started

Maybe sit down and write something a document instead of in the portal. See how it goes, hsve s plot to work.

Think about what is your story suppouse to achive where do you want it to go, and how do you get it to there.

Iy dosent need to be the ending but just small points in your story, example in my story it was gonna end chapter 1 at bar so i had figure put how to get the plot there,

Smalm goals do a lot tl ger you there

this is my story

I have a question…maybe you can help. i dont know what i am doing wrong. I want my MC to enter running doesnt see her sister then trips and falls.

@cut to zone 2
@ASHLEI spot 0.814 208 189 in zone 2
@ASHLEI is rear
@ASHLEI changes into ASHLEI_uniform
@ASHLEI starts tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear
@KATRINA spot 0.765 176 231
@KATRINA is run_super_speed_loop
@KATRINA is fall
@ASHLEI is standup_neutral AND ASHLEI is dustoff_neutral_loop
@ASHLEI is react_startled_surprised_pose

You have to write ‘walks to’ and the spot you want them to run too