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As a huge TVD fan, the description sounds a bit like TVD… but from Katherine’s point of view.
It seems like “Katrina” is Katherine, trying to tear Stefan from Elena!

Just so that you’re aware of the guidelines: You can’t use or take anything from TVD [or PLL] and put it into your story, it has to be 100% your own original work.

true, she can take inspiration but not copy, she can’t be 100% original, because nothing is original anymore, look at all the mafia stories. but straight up copying she cant. a few scene ideas like it is fine, but it still has to be written in her own way.

inspiration is being influenced by something on what you make, not remaking that.

example frozen is inspired by the snow queen. my own story is inspired by the legend of king Arthur, more specially his son Murdred. but if you read my story, you wouldn’t know that

@Jess2012 if you wanna write a fanfic of vampire diaries and PLL, do that but on another platform, trust me, you would be more appreciated and get more readers for writhing a fanfic on another platform, then you would for plagarising here.

beside if it get reported for plagiarising the story will properly get removed from the app. and then all your hard work is wasted

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When i came up with that name i hadnt even watched vampire diaries at that time.

Thank u!

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I get tht. I do…maybe i could do it on whatsapp with that lol. But i mean…tht link i sent u is my story im tryin to turn into an episode. But i guess if people find it boring then whtever. At this point alot of people think i wanna copy or whtever. No…i use things in my everyday life for inspiration from the shows i now watch to even my kiddos. Thats y i made the question if i incorporated PLL n TVD into my stories NOT COPY if anyone would read it.

And i read ur stories they r good!

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