Currently: in need of cover art for upcoming story!



Hey beautiful peoples,

I’m currently about to start writing a brand new story of mine, and I’m looking for someone to make me some cover art, and art scenes!! :grin:

I don’t want to spoil it, and give out any details on here, but if you think you’d be someone up for the job, feel free to direct message me on instagram: @storiesbyliana, and ill answer pretty much straight away <3

Thank you! xoxo
- Liana.


Epi.sunset could help @Hialexhi @xlilMissy101x @Unicornlover346 @Lunar_Rose @C_ssie @Miss_Moonlight @ThereISNoregrets


Thank you so much!! <3 x


Np :slight_smile:


Sorry I’m late


Np :slight_smile:


Kinda late… sry (aka like 4 hours late)


It’s fine :slight_smile:


What are the deets?