Currently working on a guide to write on Episode

As the title suggests I’m working on a guide for beginners on how to write on Episode. I have been writing for a long time, mostly novels, but it was Episode who opened up my eyes to script writing. But, as probably all of you know, starting a story on this app can be overwhelming. So my idea is to write a guide which will take you through the whole process of writing a story, all from writing the outline, to the directing, to getting it published.

The reason I’m starting this topic is not to inform you that I’m writing this. I want you to give me your best writing tips and things you wished you had known when you started writing. It can be all from directing tips to ways to overcome writer’s block.

Here’s a list of content that I will include in my guide and feel free to give some of your thoughts on any of the topics, which you think could be helpful for someone who has just started writing. I have written a short summary of what these topics will include.
Outline: Know where your story begins and where it’s going (Smart ways to give your story a good foundation.)
Characters: A guide to giving your characters life. (This topic will give tips on how to make your characters relatable to the reader as well as giving them personalities.)
Plot: (This topic will address story clichés and ways one can put their own twists on them.)
Romance: The dos and don’ts of writing romance (This topic will address problematic themes in romance, such as romanticizing abusive relationships.)
Directing: A beginner’s journey to directing. (This topic will include tips on what to focus on when you’re just starting to learn to direct.)
Choices: (This topic will include good choices to use when you don’t understand how complex branching works.)
Grammar: When your native language isn’t English. (Will mostly be directed to my fellow non-native English speakers.)
Publishing: Finishing your story (This topic will include what to do when you’re suffering from writer’s block and might having a hard time seeing where your story is going.)


Hmm… I get my friends (whether they use Episode or not) to give me three words. They have to be nouns tho. When they have given me three words I create a normal story out of them. That then expands into an Episode story (with help from Joseph Evans tutorials). Hope this helps!

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