Currently writing my first episode story

Feel free to share some tricks and tips <3

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I think I have two main tips for you:

  1. Stick to one project. There’ll always be another idea, but you need to keep writing and focus on your story. I guess you can work on another project at the same time, but don’t end up like me with 8 unfinished stories lmao.
  2. Outline. Writing an episode story is already hard, you just want to have an idea of the plot. Know the begginig, middle and end (or endings) and then just connect the dots.

Hope I helped :blob_hearts:


avoid same face syndrome. I recommend to not reusing any face features. on the main cast, unleash family.

dont rush to publish, better to spend more time and improve the story, also I recommend getting a review before you do publish

I really recommend not having an author character. they are annoying, and a waste of time.

for the love of writhing. no CC only chapter.

when asking for help in your script, provide, code and screenshots. dont just try to explain it, I see people do that a lot, your problem can be so many different things, and its faster to just provide it form the start, then haveing people need to ask for it first.



Thank you

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For help with directing, is a godsend. She has CC templates and guides for things like spot directing and using overlays, as well as a template for looping backgrounds. Once you get the hang of coding, it’s not so difficult as it is tedious, but having advanced directing is worth it!

For keeping track of choices, you can use a points system to make things easier (as opposed to using gains).

AVOID STEREOTYPES. These can be harmful to communities and can render your characters one-dimensional.


I feel you…

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