Curse words in story


Should I blur out words like fck and sht if I have a warning in the beginning of the story?

And also, when it says “Please be advised that this story contains mature themes and strong language.” What exactly is “mature themes” is it only stuff like sex, or also death and other “scary” things?


thank you very much
I agree.:pray:


Well, most people put up that warning to tell them that there are actual curse words. So I don’t think that you should blur those words out.


No you shouldn’t need to, the warning it there, just use it in the beginning of every episode, some readers get very annoyed even though they saw the warning and ignored it, it’s up to them to carry on reading, not you.


@Trinady made a post about this.
It’s a last day of the old forum so check it out today.


I had the same question. If you look at story guidelines, it explicitly said that the usage of it can end up getting your story flagged for inappropriate language or some shit. I personally use a lot of language in my stories. If Episode personally asks me to take it out, I will. But as long as my readers aren’t offended as they should’ve read the warning, I won’t take it out. When it becomes a problem with the platform itself, then you should start putting cursors on them. Until then, live your fucking life.


You always need to stick the guidelines, if your story contains content that is not allowed it doesn’t make it okay when you out a warning in the beginning…

And about the cursing, there was that old forums thread (idk when it’s gonna get closed it’s still open right now)
And you’re allowed to use f words 5 times per episode and not in a sexual content and you can’t use curses that represent some kind of sexual content (I guess Episode have a problem with that)


I think curse words are fine if you put a warning at beginning of story AND if they’re not OVERLY used bunch of times like I’ve read in some stories…

I think you will be fine :slight_smile:


Tbh, if you have the warning in the beginning, I think it’s OKAY to curse. I actually do that in my stories, just make sure you don’t do it too much, lol. :joy:


And for the “mature themes”, it’s probably about sexual topics, maybe if there’s adult language, maybe some disturbing scenes that children really shouldn’t see, and in some cases, even scary stuff could be added in there.


personally, I don’t mind cuss words however if you’re using it in every freaking sentence I can’t, like I remember in one story the girl kept cussing in every sentence. It would be like “What the shit?’ how the fuck can you fucking do that shit?!” it turned me off and I stopped reading, but as others said, as long as you have a warning in the beginning and don’t use too much then it personally doesn’t matter to me lol


Defo make sure to put a warning. No need to blur them out then.
But PlEaSe don’t overuse them! like @brvnda said it is annoying and off putting,