Custom animation needed!

Hello is anyone able to make a custom animation, I’ll try to be as SPECIFIC as I can. (ITS INK)


Basically what I’m asking for is, a custom animation where the character facial expression is the end of yawn_bored. And holding a gun up to their face, if you’re able to, make another version with the same pose, but with her winking. So one with just her eyes open, and one with her winking but not completely changing the animation. Just add her eye closed, if you’re not able to that’s ok. I can add it myself I think, I don’t know. I WILL GIVE YOU FULL CREDIT AT THE END OF THE STORY Just tell me how you want me to credit you :blush:

Character details

^Pine colored eyes^
credit to @zara3 for the character card :revolving_hearts:

Outfit details

Top: Lace Bustier, Black Biker Jacket
Bottoms: Grey Bikini Halter Bottom (Slate Grey),
Small Fishnets.
Footwear: Studded Shoes

Thank you! And take your time, I’m currently working on redoing parts of my episodes so I won’t need it for a few, but I will need it eventually. Again thank you! :sparkles:


hey! :sparkles:
I think pilot can help