Custom Art for the story

Hy I work with limelight but I have a very specific idea about the male character which is not possible to get by tho options limelight offers. So if there would be some skilled artist who is able to draw (almost realistic) for me?

THe guy is a main love interest - this is what I made him look like


He is a lawyer but from the first look, it should be obvious he is native American…and this is simply not looking like it…I imagine his face more like this just with shorter hair and light brown/yelow/orange eyes:martin

Would be somebody able to maybe adjust the photo or simply draw for me such guy?

also later in the story, he is in a club where people have costumes and masks and he is bare chest and has a facial mask which should cover the upper half of his face (you see only lips) of an eagle (head)… it’s killing me that I do not have any similar option and have to make him wear this instead and make the reader imagine it is an eagle mask :frowning :disappointed_relieved:

In another scene, you see his back and he has a big flying eagle tattoo…I found some overlay for this but and art picture would be better.

Unfortunately, I can’t draw in gimp or photoshop at all. :confused:

Is there anybody who would like to help me make mine Eagle to come alive?:smiley: