Custom background needed ASAP!

Hi! is there anyone that can edit me a nighttime deck front view of a ship background asap?
It will be 3 zones and I would like it to be the opposite view of this background so that the background is showing just a door and in the door will the ship diner, and the deck, so it’s a front view, And cuz it is a ship at the very bottom of the ship would be some water if you can do that. Credit will be given ofc!

The deck background-

The diner background for the door (if you can do that)-

The overly for the deck (already transparent) -

If you can’t do the door open you can just put a closed door.

These backgrounds are from @FlowerGriefer
If you need anything else you can ask me openly!

Plzz someone help me! I’m desperate :crying_cat_face: