Custom Background & Overlay section not loading in

For some reason my portal will not let me access my custom uploaded backgrounds and overlays anymore. Which affected my stories that uses them to be stuck in a forever ‘Loading Assets’ state where I can’t save any changes to my story.

I’m clicking this to get to my custom uploads but nothing shows up for me…
Screenshot 2021-10-07 112710

I have tried logging in and out, cleared my cache, tried using Chrome & Internet Explorer
I also tried logging on from a different device which worked for a short while then proceeds to have the same error afterwards

Does anyone know if there’s anything specific affecting this or like is this just gonna be stuck in forever doodoo :sweat_smile:

If anyone else is having the same issue and is using 5G for internet connection change it to 4G or below and it will load again or just turn off all your extra extensions on your browser :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

the support team is super nice <3

You should probably send a ticket.

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alright thank you!

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have you tried using it from incognito…???

I have and it was the same result :sweat: thank you for the suggestion tho!

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no problem