Custom Background Shop!

Hi everyone! I created this thread as an opportunity to make some edited backgrounds for you!


-Do not thread hop! If I find out that you have thread hopped, I will just disregard your request and you will not get a background done!
-Do not contact me 2002092 times asking about the background. Depending on the complexity of the request and how many requests I have. It could take me up to 1 week per request, so for example, if you are the third request, it could take me up to 3 weeks to complete the request (most of the time each request should only take me about an hour)
-You must be kind and courteous. If there is any disrespect in messages received or in your request, I will not complete the request.
-You must credit me, I will include a watermark in the image, but you must also include some other sort of credit.
-You may NOT sell or give away the backgrounds I make for you. You may NOT edit the backgrounds. You need to tell me what you need to be done and I will be able to do it.
-If a request is too complicated I can choose to deny it.
Password: Blue berry pie please blur!

Request form!

Please include everything that would like to be included in your image. Everything from the background, to what you want on the nightstand. It would make it so much easier if you could include a pre found background that would like to be edited or a reference image. Also, include the password in your request!



Hi Is this thread still open?

I am willing to make a background, but you will not receive it until this weekend or next weekend.

Can I ask you which program do you use to create these backgrounds? Thank you.

Yes! I use Pixrl to edit my photos!

Is there something I can make for you?

No thanks I’m good

Oh okay!

Thank you! Are the pictures you’re using for this photos and you turn them into looking like digital art? If yes, is there any tutorial for that? I found one for photoshop, but it doesn’t look so nice.