Custom Backgrounds For My Story


I feel like I’ve been on the forums so much lately, but I just seem to need to ask more and more questions every time I finish one. Anyways, I am in need of a background that’s just simply the inside of a closet. If you are able to make me one that would be amazing, but please reply and let me know. If you have any questions don’t mind asking, I’d love to answer them. Thanks in advance and have a nice rest of your day! :grinning:


make sure to credit alexa_episode


Thank you so much! I’ll make sure to credit you!


these aren’t mine, these are alexa’s so make sure you just put
“credit to alexa_episode”
-brvnda :heart:


I will, thanks for sharing this with me.


I need a closet for ink but idk how th make a closet and what to use for it help plss