Custom Backgrounds Needed

Does anyone make custom Backgrounds ?
I needed some backgrounds , but not now but later I just wanted someone who could make bgs for my stories.

Do you want them more real-life or custom made?

Custom made…they should go in accordance with the episode theme

Check a shop. By the way, custom backgrounds aren’t made with Episode assets for the most part so they’re not going to look exactly like Episode backgrounds.

If you need custom made ones from episode backgrounds you might need to make them yourself since we aren’t supposed to make out of episode backgrounds for public use. But maybe if only one person uses it, it will count as private use. :woman_shrugging: I do sometimes but usually not for others since I can only do so much.

I mean not with episode assets but not real ones that match with the vibe of the characters

Check @/amepisode
I hope you find what you’re looking for!! :two_hearts: :heartpulse: :pleading_face:

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@FlowerGriefer makes backgrounds! She doesn’t take requests, but you might be able to find something you need in her background thread.