CUSTOM COLORS: Color wheel/slider

It’d be super awesome if we could get some more unusual colors to use for characters that aren’t necessarily human (aliens, robots, statues, ghosts, mannequins, monsters, etc…)

Colors I’d LOVE to see are white (like SNOW white), gold, silver…go wild please. EVEN BETTER- maybe instead of the current default color options we have now for customization, one of those color picker wheel thingies could replace it (which, I might add, would allow us to create ANY shade or color we need! Talk about DI-VER-SI-TY guy :raised_hands: )!

Since my description of the wheel probably sucks, THIS is what I’m talking about:

Here are some other like threads about (skin) color that you should def bump and support:
SKINS: Unusual tones
CHARCTERS: unnatural skin color


This idea is amazing! :heart_eyes:
OMG! We really really need this!! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :heart_eyes:


RIGHT?? Never again would we suffer…



Support! Imagine how many types of aliens we could create :rofl: :rofl:

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Support but I think this is a duplicate thread and the title is wrong

What do you mean? I haven’t seen any threads that were like this

I did but idk where it is

SUPPORT :flushed:hhh

Hate to be the downer but this will never be implemented.
Everything will just be one color, not shading or dimension.

Also duplicate thread

HOW DARE :scream: Not with that attitude, we won’t!

(Thanks for finding those threads! I put the link for them both :+1:)

Thanks for linking my thread!!

Support :slight_smile:



Yes, colour wheel would is needed, I can’t make clothes without picking three colour but with the colour wheel I think i would be easier because you get more colours.

Support! :ghost::rainbow:

Would the color wheel/slider be available for readers to use in the stories as a interactive ui?

also Bump