Custom content approval?


Hey all!!! I have been writing my story for about a week now, so the custom pictures I have uploaded have been about 4-5 days of pending approval… How long does it usually take for custom content approval?


Overlays are taking 2xs as long to be approved (my last approval was a 6 day wait) when it is usually 3 days.


I’ve been waiting a week for mine to be approved :sob: i have 3 chapters ready to publish but can’t yet :sob:


Approvals have been taking longer than usual lately, probably due to holiday.


I’ve been waiting over a week. Just so you know, this isn’t normal but I have waited over two weeks before (2-4 days is standard).


Thank you for letting me know! I :slight_smile: I just was not sure as this is my first story and was curious if cc approval needed to be incorporated into my publishing dates!