Custom Content!

Have you ever seen the Sims?! They have the ability to custom content!! Let me explain…

So, they have a website that has a WHOLE bunch content that has been uploaded and edited so it looks correct on the characters…That way if you find a cute outfit on Pinterest you can upload it, THEN use it in your stories!! This would be AMAZING so we could upload any outfits we wanted!! It would also be awesome if we were able to upload makeup, hair, accessories, and tattoos!! So Episode Admins, please try and make this happen!!


This is a cool idea but you’re gonna want to change your post to fit the Feauture Request Guidelines so your post doesn’t get deleted. Also, there sort of is a topic like this here.


^^ This. Thanks @HermanEpisode!

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And is already suggested :heart:

I’m not really sure what you mean, can you please explain it more to me…I read the guidelines you linked, but I really don’t get it…It kinda just explains everything about threads and stuff…Please help me understand @HermanEpisode

Duplicate topic closed. Refer to original topic. :wink: