Custom Made Animation Thread {OPEN}


Hey everyone!
I’ve made some “hidden animations” for my story, and if anyone wants something like this for their INK character, I’ll make it for you!

What I'll need

I’ll just need the background, spot, zoom, character details & outfit!

Custom made animations ;)

Gasp - (flirt_finger snap eyes and deepbreath mouth!)

(flirt_fingersnap eyes and talk_repulsed mouth!)

Evil - draw_gun with idle_happy mouth!

Basically what I do is combine animations to make other ones, I can do any sort of combination, these are just some quick examples that took me 5 minutes to make!


These are great, do you do INK only?


Are these edits or code for our stories?


They’re edits that are made into backgrounds for stories.
So whenever you transfer from one scene it looks like it’s just a facial animation change.


I’ve never tried LL yet, but I’d be open to (:


Oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up


this is so cool


id like to request

background: bristols dorm room (zone 2)
spot: 1.280 -59 52 (almost screen left)
zoom: normal (0 0 100%)

char details

face: soft heart
hair: the BROWN box braid updo
skin: rosewood
eyes: classic round green
lips: full round, dusty rose

what it'll roughly look like




i’d like something like kneel_sad
so the girl kneeling… will be kneeling (she’s doing the fall animation). i’d just like if you’d change the face to something still sad, but with her eyes and mouth open, looking at the girl standing (right)

like if u mix the fall body posture/ani with a talk_sad face. (but edit it so she’s facing the white girl)


your request accepted – should be done around 6:00 P.M EST :heart:


dang that’s 11 pm for me lol


May I have the name of the character? I’ll get started on it now :blush: But, I need the eyebrow shape & nose to create this animation for you


naomi. thick flat and aquiline


So here’s an example of Naomi with a open mouth and eyes animation, is this what you’re looking for?


i’d like it to be more sad


Like, idle_sad eyes? with the same mouth?


Here’s an example with a closed & open mouth.


yeah! but can u make the eyes face right so she’s facing the other girl (shes facing right)


How is this?



could you make her mouth open + her eyes be looking more up?


let me know if you like this one :blush: