Custom Overlay Requests


I can make custom overlays to a degree. Don’t come asking me for a dog, because I ain’t that good. I mostly make props.

Here are some examples

(That’s a phone by the way. I added the camera after the design was on, as shown below)
(First attempt at blush. Looks a tad bit better on the characters)
(It’s a kitchen island. I have a background for it, DM me if you want it)

(It’s a front desk. You can add whatever logos and whatnot you want.)

Just tell me what you want, and I’ll have it done as fast as I can. This can range from a few minutes to a few days, depending on your request, and what is going on in my life (spoiler alert: usually not much).

You can use the images above, and you don’t need to give credit. <3

Thread bookmarked.
No requests as of now, but I’ll probably have some soon :thinking:

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do you think you can make an overlay of that like apron thing they put on you at the hair salon when they are about to cut your hair

Yeah, sure. I’ll get onto it now.

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Is there a design you want on it? Or do you want it to just be black?

this design

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Before I send it, is this what you wanted? Here it is on a character:

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yes BUT can i have the design more in the middle por favor

How’s this?

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yes i love it

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Here it is:


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THANK YOU!! how should i credit you

You don’t have to credit me.

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not even if i want to??? cuz i want to

Then red_episodian is my instagram. Thank you so much.

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Can I get the first kitchen island you have but the top black and the white part grey?

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Sure. On it now, sorry that took so long.

It’s all good :blush:

Here you go. Let me know if you need any changes.


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That’s good, thank you!