Custom pose help!

Reply of you can make me a custom pose!

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i can try. ive never done it before but im willing to help

Thank you can I send you the details?

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sure thing x

So basically I want character #1 to be in the middle and the other characters to be on either side of her. I want character all the characters to be sleeping and wrapping their arms around each other. The one in the middle is a child. Can the other female have a smile while she’s sleeping too plz. (A closed smile though.)

Here’s are the details
The child:
Lips classic
Lip colour taupe
Nose upturned
Face oval
Eyes round bold
Eye colour blue
Hair double bun updo
Hair colour auburn
Brow smooth arch
Skin colour olive


Lips uneven
Lip colour mocha
Nose athletic button
Face shape diamond
Eyes gentle almond
Eye colour green
Hair long bangs
Hair colour charcoal
Brow bushy arch
Skin colour tan



Skin colour honey
Brow classic neutral
Hair braid crown updo
Hair colour fawn
Eyes upturned natural
Face shape square
Eye colour brown
Nose aquiline
Lips mature medium
Lip colour taupe

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sure thing can i do it after i finish school?

Sure np it’s ink btw

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tysm I just need to finish my assignment then ill get straight on to it

could you ss your characters and what pose you want them in

Sorry what does as mean? :sweat_smile:

Is it’s screen shot than I can do that

That’s the best I could do for the pose :joy:.
The child is in the middle clutching the dad, the dad is wrapping his arms around the child and the mothers is higher than them hugging both the dad and the child. They are all sleeping and the mom is sleeping and smiling

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okay i can tryy i dont think it will be any good tho

That’s ok!

hmm hope thats alright ive tried my best but you don’t have to use it

It’s great thank you!

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its all good x